Our Mission

Based in the heart of Norfolk , on the former RAF West Raynham air base, Scorpion airsoft offers an extensive challenging urban environment. Excellent game scenarios, with realistic military simulation games and expert advise from our ex Military team you will be challenged at every turn. With the added advantage of being undercover we can play throughout the year and by day or night.

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Royal Air Force West Raynham or more simply RAF West Raynham is a former Royal Air Force Station located 2 miles (3.2 km) west of West Raynham and 5.5 miles (8.9 km) southwest of Fakenham, Norfolk.

The airfield opened during May 1939 and was used by RAF Bomber Command during the Second World War with the loss of 86 aircraft.

Battle Orders

Range Experience

Skirmishes will be presented with an array of static and moving targets. Guidance and instruction will be on hand to help skirmishers enhance their skill set. Skirmishers will be able to take part in a competitive shoot after they have practiced the predesignated shoots. Skirmishers scores will be recorded on the Scorpion Airsoft leader board. The highest score takes all, you've got to be in it to win it.

Defend The Facility

Your fire team has occupied a building inside enemy territory, latest intelligence indicates that an attack is imminent. Orders received detail you and your fire team to hold the building at all costs. The team has 15 minutes to deploy personnel to key strategic areas in order to repel the enemy force.

Hostage Rescue

Two skirmish teams will compete to rescue the VIP that has been snatched by a ruthless terrorist organisation . Teams can engage each other to stop the opposing team recovering the VIP. Once the VIP has been secured the team has to safely return the VIP and any skirmishers still in play back to their start line.

Speed Clearance

Your entry team will be split into pairs. Marshalls will guide you to a section of the building that you will have to clear with your partner. Tactical movement must be used at all times. You will engage and destroy all targets encounters Scorpion Airsoft don't believe in taking prisoners. You will only be allowed to move to the next room once your marshals has indicated 'ROOM CLEAR'.

Multiple Team(Urban Clearance

Two skirmish teams will be tasked with the clearance of an enemy occupied building. Teams will enter the building via two separate entry points. Teams are to engage and destroy all enemy they encounter. Teams are to coordinate there movement using radio systems (supplied) to avoid any blue on blue contacts. Dependant on level of skirmish teams each team may have to defeat IED's placed within the building. They may also have to deal with casualty evacuation serials.

Site Rules

Please take a moment to review our Airsoft rules before your visit. Our marshal's decisions are final. Privately owned weapons will be chronographed to a maximum of 350fps as standard (Please get in touch if you're unsure if your weapon is suitable). Players are required to wear full face protection and the wearing of helmets is recommended. All participants must read and sign a waiver Our insurance dictates that all participants must wear trousers and long-sleeved tops All participants must attend a mandatory safety briefing before game play. All PPE will be subject to an inspection to ensure PPE conforms with industry standards. All participants must wear a boot that provides ankle support. We recommend the wearing of knee pads (available for hire).

Top Tips For A Great Airsoft Day

Dress appropriately ‐ Military/Outdoor type clothing is a must. We also recommend that players wear a boot to give better grip and ankle support. You must wear long-sleeved tops and full length trousers. (Equipment available for hire, see our rental page, if required) We recommend full finger length gloves are worn to give maximum protection. (available for hire on the day). Full face protective must be worn. The on-site shop will stock a limited supply of branded BB's. Reasonable level of fitness is beneficial however remember you don't have to be Andy McNab. During the scenario games, players may need to represent a casualty or move a casualty. During night games some players may find the games claustrophobic, especially when simulated smoke is used. Players will have to ascend, descend numerous stairways and negotiate obstacles and trip hazards in a confined space. For those new to the sport BB pellets can sting, especially if you are hit at short range. So players should be prepared to leave the site with a few marks and bruises. We strongly recommend that all players take the necessary measure to protect the area of the mouth as a pellet potentially could chip a tooth.

Walk ons

Walk ons - 10.00 till 14.00 £25.00 Includes free tea and coffee.


Rentals (Daytime Events) Package includes:
3000 BB's,
Realistic Imitation Firearm,
Knee pads,
MTP shirt/trousers,
face protection,
body armour & helmeturs,
FREE team photo
Rental package 10.00hrs - 16.00hrs = £45 Includes free tea and coffee.

Training Wing

Skirmishers have the opportunity to hone their skills by practicing entry drills, tactical movement, hostage rescue and casualty evacuation, prior to stepping foot onto the battlefield. Led by our team of Military specialists, skirmishers can gain recognition of their skills by being awarded coloured rank patches. This will allow different levels of game play to be achieved ‐ the better the skills, the harder the tasks, are you up to the challenge?


Shooting Range Techniques

Brush up on your shooting techniques, whether on the move or static. Range scenarios can be incorporated into your training package to hone your battle skills prior to engaging your foe.


Fire Pair & Manoeuvre

Skirmishers can learn and practise methods of movement, this will enable them to engage and suppress the enemy to maximum effect. Skirmisher can learn fire team tactics right down to individual battle drills.


Tactical Engagement

Is it always the right thing to engage your enemy as soon as you see them? With clever thinking, you can maximise the destruction you can cause to your enemy. Become that well drilled team that will put other teams to shame.


Field Movement & Signals

At times, you will have to move stealthily if you want to gain the upper hand. Not all communication is done my barking instructions at each other. Learn how to move around a game zone utilising cover and field signals to overcome your enemy.


Stacking/Entry Drills

The bread and butter of gaming at the 'HOSPITAL.' Learn how to move you and your team tactically throughout the game zone. Learn building and room entry drills, tactical movement down corridors and passages. Don't give an advantage to another team.


Hostage Rescue

The pinnacle of your training, ideal for a well drilled team. Locate, neutralise the enemy and extract your VIP ensuring they are protected at all times. This will require all the skills gained throughout your time at the 'Training Wing'.

Our Facility - The Hospital

The complex is spread over two floors, the secure decontamination area with air lock provides a challenging twist to proceedings.

Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award

Are you looking for a challenging and fun way to complete your Gold Residential section?

Based in the beautiful Norfolk Countryside, Scorpion Airsoft are a specialist ex-military team capable of ensuring you complete the required 5 days and 4 nights away from home.

The course is packed full of interesting activities, it is fast paced and will certainly keep you on your toes. Working alongside fellow D of E participants you will gather the necessary skills required to achieve the end goal, rescue our resident VIP, Miss Kirsty Kipling.

Our team of ex military and serving Fire fighters have designed an itinerary, packed full of challenging scenarios, they take place at ex RAF Bases in Norfolk. Each day is different and perfectly balanced so you gain new skills and challenge yourself. You are certain to make new friends along the way.

Contact us for available dates.

With all challenging events there is always a requirement to have fun too, our indoor games night is legendary added to that our end of course beach games and BBQ at Holkham Beach is one of the many highlights of the week.

Residential Accommodation

The Dunton Centre is a former flint built village school, which is situated on a rise of land just outside the village of Shereford, in North Norfolk. The nearest town is Fakenham which is located approximately 3 miles east of the centre. Dunton Centre is a residential self-catering infacility owned by Red House Youth Projects, which is a charity that supports young people and youth projects in Norfolk. The accommodation (a former school) caters for up to 23 residents with sleeping arrangements made up of dormitories and four double rooms, all with bunk-beds. A large lounge / small hall serves as a social area in addition to the open kitchen diner which overlooks the beautiful Norfolk countryside at this isolated location. The facilities are similar to what you would expect from a 2 to 3 star YHA; basic, however entirely fit for purpose.


By road the Dunton Centre is located on the outskirts of Fakenham Participants should aim to arrive at Kings Lynn no later than 12.00 hrs on the first day of the course. Parking is available on site. The Dunton Centre, The Street, Shereford Fakenham, Norfolk, NR21 7PN O.S. Map No. 132 Reference 885 293

By train, King's Lynn is located at the end of the line when travelling direct from London King's Cross. Those travelling from the Midlands or beyond will connect at Ely or Cambridge. If travelling by train, participants are advised to use Kings Lynn rail station. Participants should aim to arrive at Kings Lynn no later than 1130hrs on the first day of the course. Transport will be provided from Kings Lynn to the Dunton centre at a mutually arranged time. Overnight accommodation on the Sunday can be arranged for participants travelling greater distances (on request).

If travelling by air we can arrange transfers from the airport to the accommodation, please contact us to discuss. Norwich Airport, until early 2017 Norwich International Airport, is a minor international airport in the City of Norwich within Norfolk, England 2.8 NM north of the city centre and on the edge of the city's suburbs at Hellesdon. Norwich International Airport


As part of the experience participants will take responsibility for catering arrangements, budgeting, shopping, food preparation and associated domestic arrangements, with a more than sufficient budget being allocated for participants to cater for everyone's specific needs throughout the programme (meals, snacks, hot and cold soft drinks).


We will provide you with Personal Protective Equipment (helmet including facemask, trousers, jackets and gloves). The Personal Protective Equipment must be worn whilst participating in all airsoft activities. You will be required to bring a pair of sturdy walking boots.

You will need to bring

Activity Based clothing Trainers (for activities, so they may get dirty!) Socks: extras to wear with walking boots if necessary Regular clothing (for residential centre) Footwear (to be kept clean for travelling and evenings) Underwear sufficient for the week Night wear Trousers/jeans and or trackies T-shirts x 5 Jumper / fleece / hoody Jacket / fleece Hat, scarf and gloves depending on weather forecast Beach wear... again depending on weather forecast Other kit Toiletries (including sun block), towel and medication DofE book or eDofE ID number Memory stick (for all the photos we will take) minimum 8gb


The cost of the course is £350 per person, this incorporates: 4 nights accommodation. All meals and drinks. Safety equipment. Airsoft Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIF). Transport to Training Centre and airsoft venues. All transfers to train station. All activities. All Bedding

Safety, Insurance and Safe Guarding

All activities are risk assessed and are subject to stringent health and safety systems. All activity based and residential engagements are further assessed by the county council's educational visits advisor by way of the 'Evolve' on-line approval system. Independence16 Ltd TA Scorpion Airsoft has 5 million indemnity covering the insured activities and other activities as approved.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award participants insurance information
All Independence16 Ltd TA Scorpion Airsoft staff have current Criminal Record Bureau clearance and receive Safe Guarding training.

Booking & Payment

Send an email to check course availability: info@scorpionairsoft.uk

Then request or download (below), complete and return the booking and consent form, along with a completed activities disclaimer form. Also enclosed with the two forms needs to be full payment of £350 (all inclusive as described in this information) to the address below (cheques made payable to 'Independence16 Ltd'). BACS payments can be accepted, please contact us for full details (details below).

Once the payment has been received and cleared we will send you a confirmation receipt stating the course fee has been paid.


Help towards raising funds for the residential section of your Gold dofe award can be found here here


Will be made in full up until six weeks before the course date. No refund will be given if less than six weeks notice is given.

Downloadable Forms

Consent Form. (Must complete) Photo Disclaimer (Must complete)

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.
Independence16 Ltd
Tel: 01603871707
Email: info@scorpionairsoft.uk

Terms and Conditions

Booking conditions: The contract shall be formed when Independence16 Ltd TA Scorpion airsoft acknowledges acceptance of the customers booking form and required payment. Participation in adventurous activities entails some risk of injury. All staff employed by Independance16 Ltd are trained and appropriately qualified to run activity sessions and will at all times proceed in a manor to limit the risk of injury. However, customers need to accept that accidents and injuries can happen.

Any customer under the age of 18 years must have the explicit permission of his/her parent or guardian before being able to take part in any activity/course offered by Independence16 Ltd TA Scorpion Airsoft. The parent or guardian need to be aware and accept the risks involved in adventure activities and satisfy themselves accordingly.

The contract is subject to availability of a course place/date and the acceptance by the customer of these terms and conditions. Neither Independence16 Ltd TA Scorpion Airsoft website or literature constitutes an offer and Independence16 Ltd T/A Scorpion Airsoft may correct any errors or omissions to its published prices at any time prior to the confirmation of the contract in accordance with this condition.

All information is produced in good faith that it is accurate at the time of going to press.


Customers participating in courses/activities must expect to be involved in adventurous and sometimes strenuous activities. Although prior experience and/or training is not necessary on all the courses/activities customers are expected to be of good general health. The medical section must be completed as part of the booking process. All prior injuries and/or serious illnesses must be declared. Any injury or illness occurring between the time of the declaration and the commencement of the course must be reported. The customer must satisfy him/herself that taking part in the course is within his/her own capabilities. Independence16 Ltd TA Scorpion Airsoft reserves the right to refuse a booking on medical grounds if it is considered to be detrimental to the safety and smooth running of the course.

Dietary Requirements

Any special dietary requirements must be made at the time of booking, Independence16 Ltd TA Scorpion Airsoft cannot accept responsibility for not being able to deliver special dietary needs at short notice.

Unruly behaviour

Behaviour that disrupts the smooth running of an event may result in the disruptive customer(s) being excluded. Any damage caused to property or equipment as a result of unruly behaviour will be charged for.

Find Us

Located in the heart of North Norfolk, West Raynham Business Park is situated 7 miles south-west of Fakenham, about 18 miles north-east of Kings Lynn, and 11 miles north of Swaffham. The A148 Fakenham ‐ Kings Lynn trunk road is 2 miles to the north.

If using a satnav, please use the post code - NR21 7JS

On arrival at the Camp Gate, follow the Red Scorpions to our HQ

Email: info@scorpionairsoft.uk

Tel: 01603 871707