Site rules

Site Rules

  • Face protection is to be worn at all times, only exception to this is in the safe zone. Any infractions of this rule will be dealt with instantly and will result in instant dismissal from the site. If you are fogged up and can not see try to call over a marshal or tell a fellow player you need a marshal. they will help you out the best and safest way they can.


  • There will be no loaded weapons or dry firing in the safe zone.


  • Before leaving the game zone magazines should be removed from weapons and the weapon fired a few times to clear any rounds from the chamber


  •   Before play all weapons will be chronographed and colour tagged. Scorpion Airsoft also reserve the right to spot check any weapon at any time and if found over the limit it will be removed from play


  • Bang rule- there is no bang rule, any close combat should be single shot or short burst.


  • Knife kills are allowed. only rubber knife are allowed in the gaming area, no exceptions. if you executing  a player, either place your knife on to the player and say knife kill, or place your hand on their shoulder and say knife kill. multi-tools are the exception to this rule, though if you need a knife in the interest of safety please call a Marshall.


  • There will be no abusive physical contact. if  any should occur it will result in the suspension or expulsion of the players involved.


  • Honesty is the best policy and remembers its a game !!we do not promote nor allow cheating or cheat calling.


  • When you are hit your hand goes up and you shout ”HIT”. you will walk to your respective re-spawn immediately unless a marshall has told you differently.


  • If  a marshal sees you get blatantly hit and you do not call hit, you will be told to go to re-spawn. THE MARSHALLS WORD IS FINAL!!!


  • Dead men/woman DONT talk. if you are hit call it and go to your re-spawn without talking to any live players about where or how you  got hit


  • When taken out by a knife put your gun up and walk to respawn point. be courteous to the person who were able to sneak up and get you. don not give away their position.


  • Marshalls are there for your safety. respect their calls, do not argue or question them on the field if you have an issue bring it to the management to have it worked out of the field.


  • First Aid kit located in the safe zone, inform the marshal if you require treatment.


  • Their is no blind firing at all on the field. if you are caught you will be sin binned, repeat offender will be asked to leave.


  • Semi-auto inside the building only


  • Pyrotechnics are allowed and available on site. Only approved pyro is to be used, if you are unsure please see a Marshall.




  • BFG underarm 3 meter kill rule anyone in a room will undoubtingly be toast. no lobbing!!            
  • Player will not be shot whilst ascending or descending ladders or towers

Top Tips For A Great Airsoft Day

Dress appropriately – Military/Outdoor clothing is a must.

we recommend all players bring a TORCH as some area are pitch black

Please bring plenty of WATER

We also recommend that players wear a BOOT to give better grip and ANKLE SUPPORT.

You must wear LONG-SLEEVED TOPS and FULL LENGTH TROUSERS. (Equipment available for hire)

We recommend full finger length GLOVES are worn to give maximum protection. (available for hire on the day)

Full face protective must be worn if you are under 18.

The on-site shop will stock a limited supply of branded BB’s.

Reasonable level of fitness is beneficial however remember you don’t have to be Andy McNab.

During the scenario games, players may need to represent a casualty or move a casualty.

During night games some players may find the games claustrophobic, especially when simulated smoke is used.

Players will have to ascend, descend numerous stairways and negotiate obstacles and trip hazards in a confined space.

For those new to the sport BB pellets can sting, especially if you are hit at short range. So players should be prepared to leave the site with a few marks and bruises.

We strongly recommend that all players take the necessary measure to protect the area of the mouth as a pellet potentially could chip a tooth.